New customers:
For English: Laurens Borg – Tel +31 180 630 641 – email
Für Deutsch: Ruud de Jongh – Tel +31 180 630 651 – email

Harva. When it comes to quality.


Quality is absolute top priority for Harva International and we are well equipped to achieve this. A strict quality control, a short period in our distribution centre, high qualified people and a complete climate controlled chain of distribution take care of the optimal quality.


Harva can supply a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables in very short time. Many of the products are produced specially for Harva by related growers. Further Harva has an extended network of suppliers all over the world to be able to serve your wishes at all times.


Service at Harva is from the utmost importance. We are specialized in delivering mixed pallets and special combined orders. With this we can not only fulfill the wishes of wholesalers, but also the supermarket channel and even cruise ships.