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Mixed pallets, A specialty

Harva does not exclusively supply full pallets of a single product. Since the early days in 1988, Harva has specialised in supplying mixed pallets of vegetables and fruit, in practically every conceivable quality. The composition of these mixed pallets and their transport is therefore daily routine – and a field in which Harva is an absolute expert.
As a consequence, Harva is regularly approached for very specifically composed orders, such as deliveries to supermarkets, wholesalers, catering businesses and even cruise ships.

Small packaging

On request, products can be packaged in any small pack size requested by the customer. It is even possible to apply the client’s own label or logo to these packs. This enables the customer to offer the product to their consumers, without having to repack or package the products for themselves.

Five modern packaging lines have been installed for packing the products in small packs. All other packaging activities are carried out by support points throughout the Netherlands. Depending on requirements, the product and the type of packaging ordered, these support points swing into action.


Harva works with regular Dutch growers who deliver their top quality in the Florian brand. This brand has proved its worth in recent years and is highly appreciated by customers. At the moment we have tomatoes, leeks, strawberries, cucumbers and iceberg lettuce in this Harva brand. Not only our customers but also our growers appreciate this brand which is also a confirmation of the quality policy of Harva International.

Door-to-door delivery

Harva will take on all your logistic worries, by undertaking the entire logistic process. Here, too, only temperature-controlled vehicles are used, fitted with the latest equipment.
Depending on the destination, the services of a specialist transport operator with a modern vehicle fleet are called in, allowing us to fully guarantee punctual deliveries. More and more of this vehicle fleet can be tracked and traced 24 hours a day via the Internet, using the specially installed GPS systems. On request, clients can also be granted access to this system.
Specifically for products such as vegetables and fruit, whereby Harva supervises the entire process ‘from soil to mouth’, the speed of transport is essential.

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